selected editing credits 1998–2014

Meantimes Press, El Verano, California

~project editor, developmental editor:
Seeking Engagement: The Art of Richard Kamler

~co-author (with Janica Anderson), developmental editor:
A Zen Odyssey: The Lives of Sokei-an and Ruth Fuller Sasaki

~project director, publisher:
The Boy Who Cried Wolf's Art of Sight:
On the Origin of the Speechless
(Solomon Black)

~project editor, developmental editor, copy editor—
World Trade Press, Petaluma, California:

A to Z World Music
2000-word articles for 186 countries:
developed article format, hired and managed 12 freelance writers, provided detailed assignments, copy-edited articles

currently online at (send message for login info)

A to Zebra Language
interactive language-study resource
developed vocabularies for two dozen subject categories

A to Z World Travel
202 world city travel guides:
copy edited 760 articles covering 95 international cities

online at (send message for login info)

A to Z World Trade
100 international business guides:
copy edited articles on Business Meetings and Negotiating (1000 words each) for 100 countries

online at (send message for login info)

~managing editor, developmental editor, copy editor—
Ulysses Press, Berkeley, California:

Creativity Workout (Edward deBono)
The All-American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing (Will Durst)
The Private John Lennon (Julia Baird)
Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living (John & Geri McPherson)
Mega Picture Puzzles (Damon Miebers)
The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting (Vince Morris)
Complete Krav Maga (Darren Levine & John Whitman)
Martial Artist's Book of Yoga (Lily Chou)
Journey to Tibet's Lost Lama (Gaby Naher)
Sexual Revolution 2.0 ( Regina Lynn)
Caesar's Messiah (Joseph Atwill)
Jesus and Lao Tzu (Martin Aronson)
What Would Buddha Do? (Franz Metcalf)
What Would Buddha Do At Work? (Franz Metcalf & BJ Hatelely)
Unearthing the Lost Words of Jesus (John Dart & Ray Riegert)
Tao of the Jump Shot (John Mahoney)
Before He Was Buddha (Hammalawa Saddhatissa)
Music of Silence (David Steindl-Rast)
How Meditation Heals (Eric Harrison)
The 7 Healing Chakras (Brenda Davies)
Unlocking the Heart Chakra (Brenda Davies)

Hidden Hawaii
Hidden Florida
Hidden Florida Keys and Everglades
Hidden San Francisco & Northern California
Hidden Wine Country
Hidden Coast of California
Hidden Belize
Hidden Bahamas
Hidden Kauai
Hidden Maui
Hidden Colorado
Hidden Arizona
Hidden Baja
Hidden British Columbia

Hidden Cancun & Yucatan
Hidden Carolinas
Hidden Disneyland
Hidden Oahu
Hidden Maine
Hidden Tahiti
Hidden Boston
Hidden Oregon
Hidden Southwest
Hidden Highways of Northern California
New Key to Costa Rica
New Key to Ecuador
Paradise Family Guide Maui
Paradise Family Guide Kauai
Paradise Family Guide Big Island

~designer, compositor/typographer—
Creative Arts Book Co., Berkeley, California:

100+ book covers and interiors between 1998 & 2004